Christy Hoss

I imagined becoming a writer when my second-grade teacher told me that was exactly what I was! I won first prize in our class writing contest. The prize wasn’t much, a recycled picture of a panda from a calendar, but to me, it meant the world. It inspired me to dream of writing books. My teacher’s influencing words kept me pressing forward and today, I engage actively in fulfilling my dreams.

Imagine being told you were a writer at eight years old. Oh, the worlds my imagination created! Fast-forward through adulthood to the present. Today I long to inspire my readers. I write stories of hope and positivity, adding humor, mixing it up with conflict and real-life problems to engage my readers from beginning to end.

Imagine inspiring and engaging adventures. Connect with me and let’s have an adventure together.

Featured Articles

Diabetes Didn’t Stop Me from Getting to the Top of Half Dome

After my diabetes diagnosis in February 1990, I determined not to let diabetes keep me from getting the most out of life. I wouldn’t let it stop me from doing anything, including climbing Half Dome at Yosemite National Park.

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Goodbye, Old Friend

A few days ago, Christy and I said goodbye to an old friend who crossed the rainbow bridge. I met him seven years ago when I first came to Christy’s house.

Today on my blog, I’ll show you pictures of Sparta, also known as “Tripod.”

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Tall Things

I go on all of Christy’s adventures. Last month, I got to experience some large creatures in the children’s department of a church.

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