Christy Hoss

I imagined becoming a writer when my second-grade teacher told me that was exactly what I was! I won first prize in our class writing contest. The prize wasn’t much, a recycled picture of a panda from a calendar, but to me, it meant the world. It inspired me to dream of writing books. My teacher’s influencing words kept me pressing forward and today, I engage actively in fulfilling my dreams.

Imagine being told you were a writer at eight years old. Oh, the worlds my imagination created! Fast-forward through adulthood to the present. Today I long to inspire my readers. I write stories of hope and positivity, adding humor, mixing it up with conflict and real-life problems to engage my readers from beginning to end.

Imagine inspiring and engaging adventures. Connect with me and let’s have an adventure together.

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Steve Laube and Christy Hoss

Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference

My stomach was in knots as we drove onto the conference grounds. I remember that feeling from the very first conference I attended back in 2008. I wanted to turn the car around and go home, despite the beauty of the mountains surrounding us.

Why did I feel this way? I’ve been attending conferences for more than 15 years.

Read on to learn about some of the divine appointments I experienced at the writers conference.

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Aiden on butterfly bench

A Service Dog’s Travel Log

Exploring is fun and filled with new smells. My nose goes on overload, but no matter how many different scents I smell, I keep focused on the main scent to keep my Mom’s blood sugars from dropping dangerously low.

In today’s post, I’ll share a bunch of selfies (actually, Christy took them because I don’t know how to use a camera) of me exploring a touristy town called Myrtle Beach.

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Aiden and bigfoot

Bigfoot is Alive and Well and Thriving in Tennessee

I am finding that in Tennessee, the people celebrate everything. A dog could walk around a different festival every weekend and fill his nose with all kinds of good scents.

Recently Mom took me to a street fair in our new hometown of Morristown. While minding my own business and doing my job, my nose led me to a very large furry creature.

In today’s blog post, I’ll share some selfies from some of the day trips Mom and I went on.

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‘The Rubber Band Slingshot Summer’ – It’s Here!

While Kevin and I were attending our first writer’s conference together, The Rubber Band Slingshot Summer (book three in the Rubber Band series) was officially birthed.

Childbirth is hard, but so is publishing a book. In this post, I’ll share some fun pictures of my book booth at a local fair, complete with people posing next to my life size Rocky-as-Elvis prop.

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