Christy Hoss

I imagined becoming a writer when my second-grade teacher told me that was exactly what I was! I won first prize in our class writing contest. The prize wasn’t much, a recycled picture of a panda from a calendar, but to me, it meant the world. It inspired me to dream of writing books. My teacher’s influencing words kept me pressing forward and today, I engage actively in fulfilling my dreams.

Imagine being told you were a writer at eight years old. Oh, the worlds my imagination created! Fast-forward through adulthood to the present. Today I long to inspire my readers. I write stories of hope and positivity, adding humor, mixing it up with conflict and real-life problems to engage my readers from beginning to end.

Imagine inspiring and engaging adventures. Connect with me and let’s have an adventure together.

Featured Articles

The Author Reads – Book Review of ‘Sunny,’ The Weather Girls Series, Book One, by Jennifer Lynn Cary

This week on The Author Reads, I’m reviewing Sunny, Book One in The Weather Girls Series, by Jennifer Lynn Cary. I chose this book as if I was in a bookstore, only I did it virtually.

First, I picked it for its whimsical cover that drew me in. Second, I chose it because of the back cover copy. Third, I read the first chapter and I was hooked. Click to read my full review.

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Love from Minnesota storefront

Aiden’s Thoughts About Our Book Tour to Minnesota

I’m so glad to be home! I don’t mind travelling, but it seems we were just getting settled and the scents were becoming familiar when we packed up and moved to the next city.

I fly like a carry-on and fit nicely under the seat in front of Christy. I was trained to do it that way. It’s always nice when we have a seat or two with no one next to us for extra stretch-out space.

Check out the photos of my adventures in Minnesota with Christy!

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Mrs. Oswald Chambers

The Author Reads – Mrs. Oswald Chambers (The Woman Behind the World’s Best-Selling Devotional)

Welcome to the first installment of The Author Reads, Book Reviews.

One of my newest and most fun jobs is to review books. For my first choice I am featuring the non-fiction book, Mrs. Oswald Chambers, by Michelle Ule.

Mrs. Oswald Chambers is about the wife of Oswald Chambers, the author of one of the most famous Christian devotionals, My Utmost for His Highest.

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I Was Born to Work as a Diabetic Alert Dog

You might be wondering how do I know my Mom’s blood sugar is dropping?

I’ve been raised since birth to be a working dog. I lived in a great puppy raiser home, learning basic good behavior skills until I was almost two years old.

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