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Tall Things

I go on all of Christy’s adventures and last month was no exception. It seemed I found many large things on this adventure. Christy enjoyed the inspiring speakers and during the breaks, I got to experience some large creatures in the children’s department of the church.

First off, I met up with this long-necked dinosaur and his friend.

They don’t exist anymore and these are made of plaster, but if they were real, I’d hate to meet one face-to-nose!

Across the hall I met a giraffe.

I think it’s a baby, but can you imagine what meeting a live one in person would be like? I think they have to do the splits just to lick my head.

On stage at the event was what Christy called a lighthouse.

They can be found near rocky cliffs guiding ships and boats away from shore, warning them of danger. Since I’m what is called a “landlubber” (unlike most labs, I don’t like water), I probably won’t have to worry about crashing on the rocks.

Christy says I’m her lighthouse because I save her life every day.