The Author Reads – ‘Today is Going to Be a Good Day,’ by Dr. Michelle Bengtson

This book has come into my life at the most appropriate time. My life has been turned upside down, packed up, moved out and on to new things, thousands of miles away from my normal life, permanently.

In the process, I am hurting and struggle every day. Dr. Michelle Bengtson’s book, Today is Going to Be a Good Day: 90 Promises from God to Start Your Day Off Right, has come to my rescue.

Dr. Michelle has been struggling with cancer, which has caused major health issues for months. Yet through her ongoing pain, she published a book to encourage and uplift its readers.

Dr. Michelle’s strength through a difficult trial, in and of itself, should inspire us. But she has opened her heart and bared her soul to share personal thoughts she kept through her days of painful struggles.

I have been reading her book daily and love how she includes scripture and a suggested piece of music to listen to. I find myself singing the song and if I’m not familiar with it, I will look it up. Christian music always lifts my spirits.

What is really cool is I already had a reminder on my wall about having a good day.

Dr. Michelle’s book is compact, making it easy to tuck into in a purse or briefcase. It’s one I plan on sharing with hurting friends.

God knows what He is doing if we trust Him, and I believe there is a bright side to life no matter how crazy it can get. This book has truly been a blessing to me, and I am grateful Dr. Michelle chose to share it with the world.

Today is truly going to be a good day.

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4 responses to “The Author Reads – ‘Today is Going to Be a Good Day,’ by Dr. Michelle Bengtson”

  1. Sounds like a terrific little book. I’m reading It’s All About Jesus by Randy Alcorn. The entire book is quotes about the Lord — thoughts to ponder. Another good one.

  2. Janis says:

    Such a cute little book! I love the picture of you with the Blessings sign.

  3. Karen Tackett says:

    Thanks Christy for sharing how Dr. Michelle’s book has ministered to your heart. I have followed Dr. Michelle for years through her pain struggles and illnesses and she has always been so real and open to share how the Lord has helped her through each and every one. I love this little book too and I am on #23 today being encouraged and blessed by her messages, reflection questions and worship songs. Thank you for sharing this for it is so encouraging for all to get their own copy of this amazing book.

  4. Holly Paplow says:

    Dr, Michelle is so inspiring and a huge blessing! I have her book and bought 3 more for gifts. I love your blessing sign. Where did you get it?

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