The Rubber Band

July 29, 2020, Elk Lake Publishing Inc.

What do Roadkill Rocky, Bossy Becca and Pinhead Eddy have in common?

Nothing. A rag-tag bunch of elementary school kids come together to form a rock and roll band and enter the county talent contest.

Will they be strong enough to overcome prejudice and see the dream of winning to completion or will an unforeseen emergency putting Eddie in the hospital with diabetes, break the bond of the band?

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Palms of Death

Pretending can be MURDER

Nerdy microbiologist Katherine defies her predictability and takes a trip to the Caribbean turning the vacation into a glamorous experiment involving three intriguing men vying for her attention. One is a serial killer.

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“… A captivating ‘whodunit’ that kept me guessing who the killer actually was right until the end. Palms of Death has depth and romance on a gorgeous Caribbean island. What more could you ask for! I would recommend it as a great weekend read.

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