Happy Spring and Learning New Things

Where I live, spring is in the air, but with a little nip of winter. I’m not sure what to think as the temperature and weather change from day to day.

I was really excited to have a mother robin nesting in the eaves of our second-floor balcony.

But sadly, her first nest hit the ground and now Mom uses it for decoration.

That didn’t stop a persistent bird from building another nest. I hope to hear the happy sound of peeping baby robins soon.

Now for new things.

Mom found these funny-sounding buttons at a thrift store.

She’s watched other animals using them on Facebook, similar to these but with more choices. I guess she thought I needed to learn how to talk. I do my job quietly, but sometimes I moo like a cow when I really want her attention.

I think Mom’s idea is to train me on more human words, but for now I like the sound of this button the best because it gets me the most treats.

2 responses to “Happy Spring and Learning New Things”

  1. Michelle Ule says:

    My friend Hillary has a black lab she has taught to “talk” using buttons like these. She tells an amusing story where her house was full of folks for Thanksgiving dinner. But her dog was very agitated. She finally spoke to her, “What’s the matter? What do you want?”
    The dog immediately went to the button she wanted and pushed it.
    “Go home.”
    Be careful what you wish for–you never know how your dog will insult visitors! LOL

  2. LOL. Ranger would only want a button that said TREATS on it.

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