Goodbye, Old Friend

A few days ago, I said goodbye to an old friend who crossed the rainbow bridge. I met him seven years ago when I first came to Christy’s house.

Sparta was as feisty then as he was to the last day. He was about six months old when they met outside a pet store. He had a lame front leg and a twitch, side effects from the distemper he survived. Christy’s heart broke for him, and she took him home as a foster. Today he’d be labeled a foster-fail since he stayed forever!

Because of Sparta, Christy volunteered for the rescue and her daughter GraceAnne was able to put in over a hundred hours, more than enough for her sixth-grade community volunteer requirement.

Sparta had surgery to remove his lame leg and had many nicknames thereafter, one of them being “Tripod.”

But he ran faster than she could catch him when he got out one day and ended up in doggie jail. He was so glad to see Kevin (Christy’s husband) come and bail him out.

All that was before my time. Sparta and I never really saw nose-to-nose, and I always gave him his space. Even Rocky liked him.

But as I watched him slowly lose his ability to walk and do business properly, Christy said it was time to let him go. I licked away Christy’s tears as we said goodbye together.

We’d like to thank Lakeway Animal Hospital for comforting us through a difficult time. Things are done a lot differently out here in Tennessee. We took Sparta’s body home to our farm property and buried him, planting a fruit tree over his coffin. One day we’ll think of him as we pick the nectarines.

It sure is quiet here without you, Sparta. Run free on four legs, my friend.

7 responses to “Goodbye, Old Friend”

  1. Very touching Christy and such a difficult decision…Love you

  2. Maria Matson says:

    Message from the heart Christy. Thanks

  3. Maria Matson says:

    I felt it. Message from the heart Christy. Thanks

  4. Cindy Thomas says:

    I don’t think I would label that a foster fail… Sparta was successful in winning over your hearts and it was a foster success in his eyes. Sparta was a sweet dog, I loved how he would use the coffee table just right to rest where a leg should be he used the table. I’d pick him any day to win a race even with three legs! He is an example to all of us to persevere no matter what challenges life brings! Love you and miss you Sparta!

  5. It’s always hard to let go of those we love. I hope Tripod meets our beloved canines in heaven — Bullet, Beau, Lochinvar, Hercules, Shabah, and Sarge are still missed and talked about from time time. God built a love for animals into us.
    Hence, I believe dogs are in heaven. Someday, we’ll be met by a pack of our dogs, all wagging their tails, giving us their canine grins and ready to play.

  6. Debra Pruss says:

    I am so sorry, Christy. Sending you love, hugs and prayers.

  7. Diane Hensley says:

    Awe my tenderhearted friend. You have a way with words. May the peace of God be with you., Aiden, Rocky ,Kevin and all you..

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