Blog Invasion of the Little Person Kind

WOOF! What is this thing?

Recently, a friend Kevin worked with in California come to stay at our house. They wanted to check out Tennessee to possibly move here. He brought a little Person with. Every time she put her arms out, Mom picked her up.

What is going on? This little person is all over the place. Mom nearly panicked when she lost sight of the little thing and found her at the top of the stairs.

Mom says it’s because our new house is not baby-proof.

The little person wasn’t mean to me. She’d come and gently pat my head and hug my neck. One time she even snuggled with me on the floor but didn’t stay long. She explored everything.

She must have thought the water dish was a mini pool to cool off in.

I’m so glad Mom got me a fresh drink because I didn’t want to taste baby-toe flavored water.

I wonder if this is what it will be like one day when Mom is a grandma? She said it was good practice.

I love people, but can you tell I’m glad it was temporary?

One response to “Blog Invasion of the Little Person Kind”

  1. Deb Galloway says:

    She is just precious BUT… When they are at that “I can get around now and will explore, see & touch everything possible” WATCH OUT!!! Even though all of my kids & grandkids are far above that age I can still remember the huge job of keeping track of them. As a grandparent everyone says how fun it is to be with them, knowing you can enjoy them and then send them home. True as it is I never heard about how much more exhausting those visits are every year you age! All are memories in the making & while you remember the less positive parts they are still times you treasure for all your life!

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