Mom Takes Me Everywhere

As a dog, I love adventures. As summer comes to an end, my doggy heart fondly considers some of the fun things I encountered in our travels.

Fish Hotel

I was nearly swallowed by a fish hotel.

Fish Hotel

We also encountered a giant Swedish horse (or Dala, as they call it).

Swedish horse

Mom has a few small ones of these in her kitchen as she says they represent her heritage.

There was this blue ox named Babe and her master, Paul Bunyan, that I met in Bemidji, Minnesota. I just wish they had a dog for me to play with.

Paul Bunyan

There is a famous factory in Mom’s hometown, and I got to take a tour of it. They make cats of some kind, but I didn’t see any and the ones they make don’t have fur.

Aiden and Arctic Cat

We explored Gatlinburg, Tennessee, where the biggest breakfast in town is served.

Aiden in front of big skillet

Then one day while Mom shopped for a new bed, I took a nap in a giant’s recliner.

Aiden sleeping on large chair

I enjoy adventures, but sometimes, all I want to do is hang out at home. Mom says I’m becoming a true Southern dog, enjoying our front porch.

Aiden on porch swing

2 responses to “Mom Takes Me Everywhere”

  1. Love the fish hotel. LOL. And I love the porch swing. Looks so cozy. You’ll also spot Paul Bunyan and Baby at the Trees of Mystery on the California Northern coast. 🙂 One of my favorite stops on the way to Brookings-Harbor, Oregon.

  2. Megan Chromy says:

    Thanks for coming to visit us at Arctic Cat! You are the first dog I have had the honor to give a tour to in my two years at of working at Arctic Cat!

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