My Invisible Handler: A Service Dog’s Perspective

I’m popular wherever I go. But wherever I go, I’m not alone. My handler, Christy, always has her hand on my leash, making sure I don’t wander away from her side. I would never wander. I’m so attached to Christy that while at home, if I’m sleeping in the same room with her and she gets up to leave, it isn’t long after that I go looking for her.

I go everywhere with Christy. One thing always happens when we go into public places. People talk to me as if Christy weren’t even there! It’s like she’s invisible.

Service Dogs are Not Pets

I’m a service dog and we are not to be bothered by anyone while we are working. Working means I am wearing my jacket and I’m attached to a leash from my handler’s hand.

No one should acknowledge me while I’m on duty. But they do. People call out to me things like, “Hello puppy,” “good doggy,” and my favorite, “Hello beautiful,” to which Christy responds, “Thank you.”

Christy’s response usually gets the person’s attention, and she can tell them I’m working and should not be bothered, or to always ask before you reach out to pet a service dog. But for some reason, people continue to ignore the fact I’m not walking my person, my person is walking me.

Or maybe Christy has invisibility as her superpower and hasn’t told me yet?

In any case, please acknowledge the handler before the service dog. They are not invisible.

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  1. I am taking my service dog on a plane in October and she has never flown before. She is a 50 pound doodle and under my feet is not enough room so I am going to pay for an extra seat in order to give her more room. Do you have any suggestions?

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