Aiden’s Cross-Country Move (Part 1 of 4)

Mom lifts my nose up to meet hers and plants a wet sloppy kiss on it. Humans kiss in a funny way. I prefer slurping.

Mom says we are about to begin a new chapter in our life. Dad says a prayer for God to keep us safe, starts the Jeep and off we go on a road trip.

Mom made me pose for lots of photos when we stopped at the Jelly Belly Factory, Pea Soup Andersen’s, and Dewar’s Candy Shop. Read my blog post and tell me which picture you like best!

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TARDIS lawn ornament


Moving is not fun. I’ve had to let go of things I love…

… The colored walls in my house are now painted a neutral white.

… The huge succulent plants that won’t survive in Tennessee have been sold or given away to neighbors and friends.

But most of all, I had to let go of the TARDIS lending library. Learn how TARDIS got transported to its new home.

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Aiden reading The Lady's Mine

The Author Reads Book Review: The Lady’s Mine by Francine Rivers

Francine Rivers’ latest novel, The Lady’s Mine, is true to Rivers’ writing form.

You’ll be in California Gold Rush days from page one to the end, feeling like you’re living it. Rivers’ detailed style draws the reader into that era with flair as you feel every bump on the washboard, dusty gravel roads, to slipping around on mud-slathered streets. Calvada, though fictional, is true to western settlements of those early California-Nevada days.

Continue reading my review…

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The Author Reads – Book Review of ‘Solomon’s Porch’ by Janet Morris Grimes

Solomon’s Porch is an excellent read and has come at a timely place in my life.

My mom is in her last moments on this earth with dementia. Solomon’s struggle gives me fictional insight into what a person with dementia might feel and has helped me understand my mother’s struggle.

Check out my review, as well as a Q&A with the author, Janet Morris Grimes. Be sure to enter the contest, too.

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Flipping Hearts

A Good Read in Time for Valentine’s Day: ‘Flipping Hearts’

Here’s a good read/listen, in time for Valentine’s Day: “Flipping Hearts” by Chautona Havig and narrated by Christa DelSorbo.

This “enemies to romance” novel introduces the next island in the Independence Islands Series featuring five islands, six authors, and a boatload of happily-ever-afters.

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I Got to Attend the ‘Redeeming Love’ Movie Premiere

I have been to movies before, but never to a special event like a movie premiere. Flashing lights, big crowds, limos… I even got to walk on a red carpet!

I wanted to give my friend, Francine Rivers, a “Hello, I love you” slurp, but I controlled myself.

Today on my blog, I’ll show you some pics of Frannie and me at the premiere of Redeeming Love.

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Love for Puppuccinos

One thing about having a great sense of smell: I can tell when we are blocks away from one of Mom’s favorite places. Even if we are not stopping there, my nose starts working overtime and I may drool a little because I know we are nearby.

I especially love it when we go to Starbucks and I get my favorite treat – a Puppuccino! Check out my (Aiden) blog post for pictures of me at Starbucks.

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The Author Reads – Book Review of ‘Marriage Conversations’ by Cathy Krafve

Cathy Krafve is the queen of conversation, so it makes sense for her to title her book Marriage Conversations.

The stories and scriptures are encouraging and uplifting, addressing practical and deep issues that are hard to talk about. Krafve writes with sincerity and humor in a balanced mix.

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Am I Going to Get Packed in a Box?

Everything is not where it should be.

My bed keeps going from room to room like it has legs. I’m glad I have a good sniffer so I can find it. Boxes are being stuffed with my belongings and taped shut. I don’t know what is happening.

What I do know is a while back we took a trip to a place called Tennessee and now that is all Mom can talk about. We are doing something called “moving.”

Click to see some pictures of me (Aiden the service dog) helping with the packing.

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Watchnight – Welcoming the New Year in Prayer

Memories of New Year’s Eve celebrations from childhood do not bring pictures of noisy airhorns, blasting fireworks or couples kissing as the clock strikes twelve.

In fact, my family celebrated by going to church for what was called a “Watchnight” service. It involved a potluck dinner, worship and sermon, dessert and games. When it got close to midnight, everyone would get on their knees and pray the new year in.

Read on to discover some of the fun ways I’ve celebrated New Year’s Eve over the years.

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