For the Love of Charlie Brown

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the Peanuts comic strip? Is it Snoopy or perhaps the Peanuts’ Christmas Special? For me, it will forever be Charlie Brown. Read on to learn why.

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Puppy Love

It’s a good thing I’m a laid-back, tolerant kind of guy because this black furball can get on my nerves. No matter what I do, he’s in my face, literally chewing on my ears or my lips.

Today on my blog, I’m sharing pictures of me and my young friend. Can you guess who’s who?

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Snow Doggy Blog

So far the new year has been SNOW much fun! It started early in the morning with little flakes coming down. By noon, the flakes were at least the size of my doggy kibble and the grass was disappearing. It kept coming down for more than a day.

Today on my service dog blog, I’ll share lots of pictures of me (Aiden) in the snow!

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A Lesson in Obedience

My sister gave me a hilarious Christmas present this year. It sits on my desk and reminds me of a traumatic childhood experience I could have avoided.

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A Dog’s Nose Knows

I was really busy last night doing my job. Two times, just a couple hours apart, Christy had a low blood sugar, and I was awakened, making sure she was going to be okay.

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What in the World is Lefse? (lef-suh)

An entire week into the new year and I am still enjoying the fruits of my holiday labors. I am feasting on a Scandinavian delicacy called lefse. It looks like a tortilla but is made from potatoes.

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Highlights of 2023

Whenever a new year rolls around, I reflect on what the last year brought and try my best to make plans for the upcoming months. Here are a few of my good things from 2023…

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A Dog’s Thoughts on Holiday Decorations

Everywhere I went this Christmas I encountered larger-than-life decorations. I couldn’t resist sharing pictures of a few of them with you.

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Look Out; Puppy Fever is Contagious!

Isn’t it enough that I (Aiden, the diabetic alert service dog for Christy) must live with a young pup who is constantly nipping at my ears and lips? On top of that, it seems everyone I know has caught a thing called Puppy Fever! Today on my blog, meet the latest pups in my life.

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Christmas Tails

It’s cold and frosty in the morning and Mom says if we’re lucky, it might snow one of these days.

Do I know what the cold weather means?

Yes, I do.

Read on for my doggy thoughts about Christmas.

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