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The Author Reads – Book Review of ‘Saving Mrs. Roosevelt’ by Candice Sue Patterson

This week on The Author Reads, I’m reviewing Saving Mrs. Roosevelt, by Candice Sue Patterson

I absolutely LOVE this historical romance set during WW II! You’ll be swept into a time of struggle and triumph while being wrapped up in a conspiracy to kill the president’s wife and other dastardly deeds that happen during war. Click for my review, info about the author, a recipe, and a giveaway.

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Christmas Memories

There are only a few days until Christmas and I feel nostalgic. I’m especially so this year as I think back to my childhood memories. I loved it when Daddy would bring home a real Christmas tree and our tiny 900-foot square house on Tindolph Avenue would smell of pine needles in every room.

Click to continue reading about my Christmas memories and to view some snapshots. Apologies for the photo quality — we didn’t have high-res digital cell phone cameras in the “olden” days!

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The Author Reads – Book Review of ‘Exposing the Spiritual Roots of Diabetes’ by Dr. Henry W. Wright

This week on The Author Reads, I’m reviewing Exposing the Spiritual Roots of Diabetes, by Dr. Henry W. Wright.

Living with type 1 insulin-dependent diabetes for 32 years, this title caught my eye. Click for my review, info about the book, and a giveaway.

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Christmas from a Dog’s Point of View

Do you ever wonder if a dog knows what Christmas is?

I can see the changes around the house, so I know something is happening. The furniture gets moved and something resembling a tree suddenly grows in the corner of the living room.

Today, I’m sharing some really embarrassing pictures of myself in front of the tree, wearing weird Christmas outfits that Christy thinks are cute.

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My Friend, Kermit

I have lots of working dog friends in the National Institute of Canine Service and Training (NICST), formerly known as Dogs for Diabetics. One of my good friends was Kermit, a diabetic alert dog for Dr. Steve Wolf.

Read my article and learn how thousands of people — and dogs like me — were touched by Kermit’s life.

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Emptying the Nest

I said hello to Andrew Edward Hoss May 7, 1995. He was 10 pounds, 4 ounces at birth and slept through the night. I had to wake him up for his feedings and the doctor told me to just let him sleep.

Twenty-six years later, on October 29, 2021, Andrew and his fiancée, Meghan, moved to a new life in Casper, Wyoming.

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Aiden’s Classroom Adventures

Just because Christy (aka, Mom) is an author doesn’t mean she makes loads of money. She has to work to pay for the things she needs until one day she is successful enough to make a living as an author.

This month, I’ve been going with Mom as she’s been substitute teaching. Check out my blog post for pictures of my adventures at school!

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My Visiting Author Trip to Kenwood School

I felt like a little girl on Christmas morning opening the biggest present, and finding exactly what she wanted!

When Sharon Watson, Kenwood School’s librarian, invited me to come do an author visit assembly, I was over-the-top thrilled. I taught at Kenwood for ten years and filled various creative roles. To me, it was the happiest place on earth to teach but I gave it up to pursue my writing dreams.

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The Author Reads – Book Review of ‘Stormy,’ The Weather Girls Series, Book Two, by Jennifer Lynn Cary

This week on The Author Reads, I’m reviewing Stormy, Book Two in The Weather Girls Series, by Jennifer Lynn Cary.

Stormy picks up where the first book in The Weather Girls series left off. However, if you were to read them out of sequence, you won’t miss a thing. Continue reading my review and enter the giveaway.

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Traveling with a Diabetic Handler

Does a service dog ever get a vacation?

Thanks for asking.

Traveling with Christy is always an adventure. She has to pack not only for herself but also for my needs. That makes for extra-heavy luggage because I need my food, special treats, vitamins, toys, bed, parkas for cold weather, rain slicker for wet weather and booties for hot and cold weather. I get exhausted just thinking about it.

Click to continue reading my service dog thoughts about our trip to Minnesota.

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