Time for a Wedding

One reason we traveled to Northern California was for the wedding of Mom’s only daughter, GraceAnne. I got to wear a fancy thing called a tuxedo. I felt so dapper. Check out photos of the wedding!

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Visiting Snoopy’s House

My favorite dog, Snoopy, has a special place called a museum. Service dogs are allowed to visit the museum, and they gave me a treat for being a good boy.

Today on my blog, I’ll show you lots of pictures of me meeting Snoopy and his friends at the museum.

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Making Friends With Snoopy

We’re off on adventures again! When our plane landed in California, I recognized a famous dog, but he couldn’t play and was larger than his pictures make him out to be. Check out today’s blog post for pictures.

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Book Review: ‘When Stone Wings Fly,’ by Karen Barnett

As a former park ranger, author Karen Barnett has found her writing niche. Using national parks as her novel settings comes naturally.

Read my full review of Karen’s latest historical romance, “When Stone Wings Fly: A Smoky Mountains Novel.”

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What is a Time Zone?

The trouble with flying in an airplane from Tennessee to California is with something I don’t understand: time zones.

Click to see pictures of me (Aiden, the service dog) under the seat in an airplane. Yes, I do fit!

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Why I’m Called Captain Slurpsalot

I was raised to become a Guide Dog for the Blind. But I made a sudden career change, to Dogs for Diabetics. Here’s why.

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What’s a Gender Reveal?

As a diabetic alert service dog, I’ve seen a lot of things and enjoyed many events, but a gender-reveal party is a doggy first.

Click for the full story, and also, for pictures of me with a giant furry panda.

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The Author Reads – Book Review of ‘The Hem of His Garment: Reaching Out to God When Pain Overwhelms,’ by Dr. Michelle Bengtson

Everyone experiences pain at times. Often it is temporary. But what do you do when it isn’t — when the pain just won’t go away, when healing does not come, when the grief and hurt settle in?

Read on for my review of Dr. Michelle Bengtson’s new book, “The Hem of His Garment.”

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Writers Need Writers

When I first expressed my desire to write, a friend invited me to a writing critique group where I met my good friend, Michelle Ule.

How about you? Do you have an in-person or online support group, critique group, or education group? Tell me about it in the comments!

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The Author Reads – Book Review of ‘THAT End of Lilac Lane,’ by Sharon Schuller Kiser

Five-year-old Sarah Emily is abandoned under the sharp-pointed black iron letters ORPHAN ASYLUM OF LANDER. Timothy, a scruffy orphan boy, finds her on the doorstep, coaxes her inside—and a friendship begins.

See my full review of Sharon Schuller Kiser’s debut novel.

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