Book Review of ‘Handpicked,’ by Serina Marshall

Allie Rose always knew she was unique, but she is about to find out just how special she really is. See, Allie was adopted!

Today on my blog, read my review of Handpicked, a cheerful and colorfully illustrated book for adoptive parents and their children.

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Beauties and the Beast

Now, I’m not one to call myself a beast, because I know I am a gentleman. But I recently met some of Tennessee’s finest royalty and had to control my furry heart.

Introducing my new gorgeous friends bound for greatness, Miss East Tennessee Teen, Mylee Doty, and Miss Historic Jonesborough Princess, Eliza Girton.

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Thumbs Up!

My fourth-grade class lined up on the staircase, waiting for our teacher’s instructions. The girl next to me pulled up my hand and thrust it under my first-crush’s nose, saying, “Chad, look how fat Christy’s fingers are.”

In today’s post, I’ll share my life-changing discovery for dealing with the genetic condition known as “hammer thumb.”

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It’s My Birthday!

As a diabetic alert dog, time is something I don’t understand. But apparently, I have walked through another human year and turn eight years old.

I love birthdays. Especially my own. Today on my blog, I’ll show you some pictures of me with my birthday presents!

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It’s an Obsession!

Confession time. I am drawn to old manual typewriters. They seem to find me everywhere I go. My latest acquisition is called ‘portable’ because it comes with a lid to enclose and carry it.

Today on my blog, I’ll show you pictures from my collection.

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Happy Spring and Learning New Things

Where I (Aiden, the diabetic alert service dog for Christy) live, spring is in the air, but with a little nip of winter. I’m not sure what to think as the temperature and weather change from day to day.

I was really excited to have a mother robin nesting in the eaves of our second-floor balcony. But then…

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Dumpster Diving Diva

Growing up in a small Northern Minnesota town, we would often travel 50 miles west to the closest large city to see doctors, an orthodontist and other specialists. My parents loved shopping at K-Mart. I was more interested in getting an Icee to drink.

Today on my blog, I’ll tell you about what I did to obtain a stuffed Icee Bear that I coveted.

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TSA, Panic and a Diabetic Alert Dog

I love adventure, especially traveling. Sad to say, my thirst for adventure has been dampened by my experiences at airport TSA checkpoints.

Whenever I go through security with my service dog, I face serious anxiety and pray to get myself through those gates. Read all about it, today on my blog.

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The Author Reads ‘Sylvia’s Mother,’ by Jennifer Lynn Cary

She’s an overprotective single mother…

…He’s a former protector who can’t give up the role.

But who will guard their hearts from scheming high school matchmakers?

Forget about Women’s Lib. Return to 1972 Kokomo, Indiana for the second installment of The Weather Girls Wedding Shoppe and Venue series—Sylvia’s Mother—and the fight for personal independence.

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Visiting Dogs4Diabetics Center, Where My Old Pawprints Were Left

Our trip to California was full of family and friends and one huge piece of business: My recertification with Dogs4Diabetics.

Every year I (Aiden, the diabetic alert service dog for my Mom) get an annual vet visit, update shots and get a health clearance. Today on my blog, I’ll share pictures of our trip to D4D.

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