Where a Dog Does His Business

Traveling is always an adventure for me (Aiden the diabetic alert service dog), especially flying.

Today on my blog, I’ll show you pictures of my favorite service animal relief areas at U.S. airports. I think they’re the perfect place for humans to take their companions during long trips.

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A Little Rubber Disc and Ducks

Recently I (Aiden, the diabetic alert service dog for Christy) traveled to California, where Aunt Cindy took us to a hockey game.

From where we sat, I could barely see the rubber toy the players flung about on the ice below. But there was lots to smell and see. Check out my blog post for pictures of me with pretty cheerleaders (I kissed them!) and with over-the-top hockey fans.

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Natural Fur Coats Can Only Do So Much to Keep a Dog Warm

Even though I (Aiden, the service dog) have a natural fur coat to keep me warm, Mom has bundled me up lately.

I guess the cold streak that recently went through Tennessee is not a normal phenomenon. In fact, we were told it hasn’t been this cold in more than thirty years.

Today on my service dog blog, I’ll show you pictures of me braving the cold, snowy weather.

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What’s Your Word?

Every year, I hear it is popular to choose a word to live by for the entire year. I’ve only done this once and because I liked the word so much, I kept it as my word for years. The word was ‘inspire’ and I still like it.

But after a year of major changes with our move to Tennessee bringing me to my knees and causing many tears, I have chosen a new one.

Click to learn what my new word of the year is. If you have a word, please share it in the comments!

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Tears of Joy for Lola the Rescue Dog

In last week’s blog post I introduced Lola, an approximately 1-year-old border collie/Australian shepherd mix dog I found.

Lola had a sad story, but for now she was happy to be in a warm home, out of the rain and off the street, away from the cars racing dangerously past her.

Today on my blog, I’ll share the next chapter in my quest to help Lola find her fur-ever home.

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Finding a Home for a New Furry Friend

Happy 2023!

If you are like the majority of people who make resolutions every New Year, you have already broken at least one of them.

This year I have a resolution I want to keep: to find a home for a furry friend I found running down a busy, rural Tennessee road.

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So Many Santas (A Service Dog’s Perspective on Christmas)

I (Aiden, the service dog) really enjoyed my Christmas season, exploring new places and meeting new friends and people everywhere I went with Christy.

My nose has been working overtime, smelling the scents of the season. Everywhere we have gone, I’ve met Santa Claus.

Today on my blog, I’ll share some pictures of the Santas I met, and I’ll show you where I discovered the real reason we celebrate Christmas.

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The Dog Snatcher

The Author Reads – Book Review of ‘The Dog Snatcher,’ by Phyllis Wheeler

Doesn’t everyone dream of what it would be like to go back in time?

I certainly do! That’s one reason why I love the new middle-grade fantasy novel, “The Dog Snatcher.”

Read on for my review…

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Hurray for Dollywood!

As a service dog, I go everywhere. I’m having a blast exploring Tennessee. Recently we were invited to go to an amusement park called Dollywood.

It was a cold November night, but worth an adventure. Today on my blog, I’ll show you pictures of our trip.

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Knead These Donuts

One day Mom and I visited a donut shop near us that has been voted the best one in our area for a few years, according to a poll taken by the local newspaper. It’s called Knead Donuts.

Donuts are a people treat, but I scored a couple of doggy donuts. Check out the pictures!

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