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Living Fiction: A Page from ‘The Rubber Band Slingshot Summer’

Way back in my high school days, we did a lot of activities in PE that most schools might not have had the opportunity to do. I think it was due to how long winter lasted. Indoor activities included ice skating, swimming, broomball, fencing, and archery.

Many fond memories end up in my fiction books. Archery is one of them. Recently I was invited to a special place called the Bowhunters Pro Shop.

I got to relive the fun I had as a girl. Granted, it took some tries before I recalled the skill, but it made for a fun afternoon adventure.


The fun I enjoyed ended up in my book, The Rubber Band Slingshot Summer.

I had to do some research, but I recalled how much fun it was and enjoyed reminiscing as I wrote.

So, as my archery skills returned, did I make a bullseye?

I’d like to think I did, but I sure hit a lot of wood, steel and other parts not included in the target. But I had fun in the process and may be in for a new hobby with some good friends.