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Traveling with a Diabetic Handler

Does a service dog ever get a vacation?

Thanks for asking.

Traveling with Christy is always an adventure. She has to pack not only for herself but also for my needs. That makes for extra-heavy luggage because I need my food, special treats, vitamins, toys, bed, parkas for cold weather, rain slicker for wet weather and booties for hot and cold weather. I get exhausted just thinking about it.

When Christy packs for herself, she includes all her diabetic supplies, and food and juice for low blood sugars (enough to last longer than our stay just in case – she’s prepared).

I’m not mentioning all the other stuff she packs for herself. She packs everything like we’re moving or something. Before flying, she had to remove a lot of stuff because the airline only allows a checked bag to be fifty pounds. That’s how over-prepared she is.

However, a diabetic always has to be prepared.

Traveling across two times zones to the East messed up her blood sugars. Our schedule changed from day to day, so she was without a regular eating routine – something that is very important to a diabetic.

Going to Minnesota really wasn’t a vacation for me. Mom had two-to-three low blood sugars a day, so I worked a lot. But I’m always on duty, 24/7. In fact, I like my job so much, I never take vacations.

What does vacation mean to a dog, anyway?

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Aiden’s Thoughts About Our Book Tour to Minnesota

Love from Minnesota storefront

Love from Minnesota storefront

I’m so glad to be home! I don’t mind travelling, but it seems we were just getting settled and the scents were becoming familiar when we packed up and moved to the next city.

I fly like a carry-on and fit nicely under the seat in front of Christy. I was trained to do it that way. It’s always nice when we have a seat or two with no one next to us for extra stretch-out space.

Here are photos of some of the things I did in Minnesota.

Walked the Mall of America.

Made new friends, Cody and Frankie.

Saw a lot of lakes (I didn’t get too near them since I don’t like water, but it made for a nice background).

Discovered the true purposes of dogs (things I love to do when I’m not working).

Spent four nights in Christy’ hometown of Thief River Falls. (Yes, there really is such a place).

All totaled, we put in more than 4,000 miles!

Despite all the places we visited, the miles we put on the rented van and the adventures I had, I’m beyond thrilled to be home. Even though airports have “pet relief” areas, I’d rather do my business in my own backyard.