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Snow Doggy Blog

So far the new year has been SNOW much fun!

It started early in the morning with little flakes coming down. The snowfall wasn’t very impressive; just a slight dusting.

But by noon, the flakes were at least the size of my doggy kibble and the grass was disappearing. It kept coming down for more than a day.

I always look forward to snow because I like to play in it and catch snowballs. By the evening, snowmen were appearing all around the neighborhood. It piled up everywhere.

The next day I went out to romp in the field next to us, but my snow time didn’t last long. I got cold feet really fast.

The zero-degree weather stuck around for almost a week until it rained, and things started melting.

But before it all went away, I wanted to meet a snowman. Mom found a Mr. and Mrs. Snowman who were dwindling away and had lost their faces. When she tried to put a smile back on Mr. Snowman, she accidentally knocked his head off.

He lost a couple of inches in his neckline and got shorter, but he’s all gone now. At least, until the next snow storm, when snow people will show up out of the vast whiteness, only to disappear in the first winter heat wave.

Natural Fur Coats Can Only Do So Much to Keep a Dog Warm

Even though I (Aiden, the service dog) have a natural fur coat to keep me warm, Mom has bundled me up lately.

I guess the cold streak that recently went through Tennessee is not a normal phenomenon. In fact, we were told it hasn’t been this cold in more than thirty years.

It was so cold, the plants on the enclosed porch froze up and the windows were all frosted over.

Mom was sad that her favorite succulent, which she covered up every night, didn’t make it.

Every so often Mom needs to go to the post office and this particular day, there was a sign at the top of the stairs that I had to take a closer look at.

Being a dog, I can’t read, but Mom told me it had to do with the cold and warning people to be careful going up the steps.

This photo was taken from inside, where it stayed warm on the morning it snowed.

But it wasn’t the kind of snow I like where you could make a snowball and play catch.

I’m hoping we will get more snow this winter so I can play in it and have lots of fun. But I hope it’s not so cold!