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Beauties and the Beast

Now, I’m not one to call myself a beast, because I know I am a gentleman. But I recently met some of Tennessee’s finest royalty and had to control my furry heart.

Introducing my new gorgeous friends bound for greatness, Miss East Tennessee Teen, Mylee Doty, and Miss Historic Jonesborough Princess, Eliza Girton.

Both girls were excited about The Miss Tennessee Scholarship Competition, a part of the Miss America Organization, which is one of the nation’s leading achievement programs for young women.

You can check out the Miss Tennessee competition here.

I love meeting new people in my doggie sort of way – slurping them every chance I get.

In this picture, I had just surprised Mylie with a slurp to her cheek:

Dogs have various competitions, too, but they don’t involve crowns. The winners mostly receive ribbons, sashes and trophies for the owner to display and brag about.

I proudly wear my Dogs4Diabetics (D4D) jacket as a forever ambassador for a great cause.

But if there ever were a competition that involved doggie kisses, my tongue would be grand champion of slurping!

Visiting Dogs4Diabetics Center, Where My Old Pawprints Were Left

Since moving, I haven’t had many dog interactions; Lola was a recent exception.

Find Lola’s story here (part 1) and here (part 2).

Our trip to California was full of family and friends and one huge piece of business: My recertification with Dogs4Diabetics.

Every year I get an annual vet visit, update shots and get a health clearance. Mom fills out a questionnaire and we go to D4D to meet with Carrie, the lead trainer. She gives Mom advice as they talk about my behavior. I perform obedience skills in public in order to pass for another year.

There were many familiar smells and my nose was overloaded from sniffing. I loved catching up with old furry friends, especially my girlfriend Wolfie.

She’s still as cute as ever. Mom was excited to hug Mark Ruefenacht, the founder of D4D, who just happened to be in town from his many work travels.

As we enjoyed catching up with the trainers at lunch, Mom was asked what she misses most from our move. She replied, “I miss my diabetic connections.”

Truly, D4D, its staff and clients that we both know and love, are irreplaceable. Mom just wishes she could move them close to us.

My doggy heart agrees.