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Boom Booms Make Me Zoom Zoom

It’s that time of the year again when humans go crazy shooting off things that light up the sky and make loud bangs.

Most animals get spooked by these sudden sounds. Even though I am calm, doing my job all day long no matter what comes my way, I do not like big booms, and this includes thunderstorms. My reaction is to zoom zoom to the place I feel the most safe, Christy’s bathroom.

Because we live in a state where the boom booms are legal and storms blow through several times a month, Christy is always prepared to make me feel comfortable.

She puts my comfortable bed in the bathroom at the center of the house.

She turns on the fan and plays music loudly on the radio.

I also get these really tasty calming cookies as a treat.

I usually sleep well and make it through the noisy event.

I’m hoping my readers who have pets will use the example of my handler, Christy, and take care of your fur-babies.

Also, please try to be understanding of those who have served our country. Loud boom booms may trigger PTSD and make them zoom zoom, too.

Please be mindful of how these humans might feel, as well.

Please have a safe and happy Fourth of July.