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Emptying the Nest

A mom never forgets the day her baby is born.

I said hello to Andrew Edward Hoss May 7, 1995. He was 10 pounds, 4 ounces at birth and slept through the night. I had to wake him up for his feedings and the doctor told me to just let him sleep.

During one visit to the doctor when Andrew was only three months old, the nurse tried to feed him a pretzel. I couldn’t figure out why she would feed a baby without teeth a pretzel, until later. Andrew scored high on the Apgar scoring system and was always bigger than other babies his age.

As a young mom, I never thought about the day when my firstborn would flee the nest. I tried to savor every moment because everyone would say to me, “Enjoy it now, as time goes by so quickly.”

Did I blink?

Twenty-six years have passed. It’s hard to imagine Andrew ever being a baby. October 2021 was a big month for him. First, he got engaged to Meghan Bloom (YEAH!!! Squee!!! Great choice!).

On October 29, after packing for weeks, Andrew and Meghan left early in the morning, moving to a new life in Casper, Wyoming.

I knew my son would leave the proverbial nest, and he had been on his own, but to fly this far away was never a thought in my mind.

Time truly flies by quickly. I’m so glad I took hundreds of photos to look back on to remember my little fledgling as those days can blur together.

I’m happy for them and excited too because this momma bird is going to fly to Casper, Wyoming the minute I become a grandma… one day. But I’ll visit before that happens, of course.