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Meeting New Furry Friends

I’ve been to many places and seen new things in the past month. I met a new furry friend.

His name is Rascal and he is the mascot for the brand-new community center, Morristown Landing.

Christy bops about in the pool as loud music is played during her water aerobics class while I sit on my waterproof mat and keep my eye on her. The people are getting used to seeing me and know better not to disturb me, since I’m always on duty.

I have discovered a place that has the most wonderful dog treats. On our way to surprise one of Christy’s writing friends, we stopped at this place called Buc-ee’s.

It’s a huge store for travelers and is surrounded by grassy areas reserved for dogs to do their business. I was able to pick out my own packaged donut treats and they were delicious. I think Buc-cee’s is my new favorite spot to stop on road trips and there is a new one a short trip away.

You can see why I like it here:

Who wouldn’t like a furry friendly little creature with treats of all kinds to share?