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I Got to Attend the ‘Redeeming Love’ Movie Premiere

Lights are flashing and crowds are gathering. I pose in front of a large picture next to a long, red carpet as a limousine pulls up and my friend Francine Rivers steps out of the fancy ride.

I have been to movies before, but never to a special event like this. I want to give Frannie a “Hello, I love you” slurp, but the lights are flashing in her direction now and people are handing her flowers, so I must control my slurping for now.

Frannie’s book, Redeeming Love, which she wrote 30 years ago, has finally made it to the big screen. She worked really hard to keep the movie true to the book; that’s one reason why it took so long.

Soon we are ushered into the big dark room, and I get to comfortably settle on Mom’s lap in the reclining chair.

Since dogs really don’t watch movies, I sleep through most of it, but wake up at the end to find Mom sobbing. She lets me kiss her tears away, whispering to me that she’s crying happy tears because the movie reminded her of God’s forgiveness.

Miss Frannie later told me that is the message of her book-turned-into-a-movie: To show people what unconditional love looks like, giving them hope and inspiring them to seek God.

Since I am a dog, I know what unconditional is. I show it every time Mom has been away and we reunite. My wagging tail and wiggling body show my joy as I see my master’s face.