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The Author Reads – Mrs. Oswald Chambers (The Woman Behind the World’s Best-Selling Devotional)

Mrs. Oswald Chambers

Mrs. Oswald ChambersWelcome to the first installment of The Author Reads, Book Reviews.

One of my newest and most fun jobs is to review books.

For my first choice I am featuring the non-fiction book, Mrs. Oswald Chambers, by Michelle Ule.

Mrs. Oswald Chambers is about the wife of Oswald Chambers, the author of one of the most famous Christian devotionals, My Utmost for His Highest.

My Utmost for His HighestIt was published ten years after his death, compiled by notes his wife had taken from all his years of ministering and teaching the Bible.

I must confess, I only read biographies about people I am interested in and most of them are bogged down with too many details of the person’s life. Bestselling novelist, Michelle Ule, does an excellent job of telling the story of Biddy Chambers without boring her reader to death with wordy, unimportant details.

From her upbringing in Victorian England to her experiences in a WWI YMCA camp in Egypt,

I was captivated by young Biddy’s strength as she returns to post-war Britain a destitute widow with a toddler in tow.

Refusing personal payment, Biddy published not only My Utmost for His Highest, but also 29 other books, all with her husband’s name on the covers. As a single mother, she was ahead of her time by overcoming incredible odds, all while staying humble and true to her founding faith.

Since I started to read it, I could not put it down. If I had stars to give, it would receive five out of five stars for excellence in writing and historically accurate and captivating biography.

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