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National Read-a-Book Day from a Dog’s Point of View

Did you know that September sixth was ‘National Read a Book Day?’ It seems on the United States calendar there is a day to celebrate everything under the sun.

My tail wags at some of the day themes. Days like ‘National Donut Day’ or ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day.’ You name it, there’s a day for it. Some days memorialize famous people, some not so famous people. Christy honors National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day to remember a little girl who died from cancer.

‘National Read a Book Day’ should make elementary teachers happy as it gets children excited to explore reading. I’ve heard that some human schools even have ‘read-ins’ where the entire school at a certain time, stops what they are doing, sit down and read for at least 30 minutes.

I may not be able to read human books, but I have enjoyed being read to by first graders learning to read in the classrooms I’ve visited.

For National Read-a-Book Day, if I could read, I’d choose The Rubber Band. It mentions diabetes and my job involves diabetes by sniffing out low blood sugars for my diabetic Mom. Did I tell you my mom wrote it?

Alas, reading is something I can only dream of doing, unlike my Mom. She achieved her second grade dream of being an author. I’m pretending to read it, but Mom decides I need some help.

This is her first book in a series and as I listen to her read it to me, my tail wags. She pets my head and tells me a certain diabetic alert service dog will soon be appearing in the book series.

I wonder if being a character in her book series will make me famous? I hope so because that means I’ll get to meet people and give more happy slurps and chomps. With that thought, my tail wags at super speed.