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Happy Tails to You

A year ago, we flew to Orange County to visit my auntie Cindy. The flight is a little over an hour I love flying because if I’m lucky, I get to meet the captain. This time was no exception as Christy made sure of it.

As soon as the plane came to a stop at the gate, people stood to gather their things and wait in the aisle to leave. In a few minutes, we’d be in the terminal, getting our luggage and I would give my auntie a hello slurp.

No one is moving forward to leave. The air inside the plane is getting warmer and Christy has sweat beading on her forehead. The captain announces there is a problem with the hydraulics and the front door is not opening but technicians are working their hardest to get us off the plane. Christy sits down, people groan and a man across from us is talking on the phone in an angry voice. He gets louder and angrier and now everyone on the plan can hear his conversation.

Christy talks with the nice lady sitting behind the angry man saying, “I’d rather be inconvenienced a few minutes than be in a plane wreck. At least the door didn’t blow off while we were in the air.” 

Angry man, with his back to us says for the whole cabin to hear, “Gee Beaver, I‘ve got, (bad word) Pollyanna behind me.” 

I know Christy loves being positive and this angry man is not going to squelch her demeanor.  Thirty minutes later, the door is still not open, and arrangements are made for all to deplane from the back. Angry man kept his back to us, never looking Christy in the eye, as he pushed past others to leave, cursing all the way.

We waited until everyone had left because Christy wanted to meet the captain and encourage him for his valiant care of the passengers. I showed him my gratitude with sloppy slurps. Sorry, angry man. You missed out. 

Thank you, Captain Chris Hansen of Horizon Air, for a pawsitive experience.