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Love for Puppuccinos

One thing about having a great sense of smell: I can tell when we are blocks away from one of Mom’s favorite places. Even if we are not stopping there, my nose starts working overtime and I may drool a little because I know we are nearby.

Mom gave up coffee after finding out she is allergic to it. But that doesn’t mean she can’t have her favorite Chai latte. Since things are crazy at home with moving, we take breaks to get out of the house and have been visiting the Starbucks drive-thru. Mom rolls down the window for me to see the barista, and they love to see me, too.

The other day we were running errands and Mom’s blood sugar dropped because she skipped lunch and didn’t bring emergency sugar supplies. I’m going nuts alerting her from the backseat. We made an emergency stop at Starbucks in Larkfield/Wikiup.

We went inside the store since it didn’t have a drive-thru, but I knew exactly where we were. I usually only get a Puppuccino on special occasions, but Mom has been spoiling me lately due to, as I mentioned before, the craziness of moving.

My treat for alerting this time was, you guessed it, a puppuccino – my favorite. The baristas were so nice. I particularly like Gianna.

I’m pretty sure we will visit this Starbucks again because Mom says out of all the Starbucks she’s taken me to, Larkfield/Wikiup has the best customer service.

Whatever that means. It doesn’t matter to me, as long as I get that tasty little cup of wonderful flavor called a puppuccino.