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How Old Am I in People Years?

In three days, I will be nine years old.

This year will mark seven years of serving my handler, Christy. She says time is going by too quickly.

I don’t understand what time is, but I do know when it’s time to eat. I start staring at Christy when I get hungry and sometimes, I make a mooing sound like a cow, so she says I definitely know what time is.

The new people I meet think my brindle markings are a sign of old age, but really, the only sign of aging is on my chin. I do have grey hair and Mom says I have a goatee, but I don’t see any goats. At least not in our backyard yet.

For my birthday, Mom makes me pupcakes or buys me special birthday cookies and I get new toys. I will have to keep the toys away from Rocky, however, because he will destroy them before I can woof.

Not much has changed since my last blog post.  He’s still an annoying little brother. I’ll just have to gobble my birthday goodies faster before he can sink his teeth into my celebration.

If you celebrate your furry companion’s birthday, please let me know in the comments. Christy and I would love to see how you enjoy your pet’s special day.