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A Dog on the Road

This is part 2 in a 3-part series. Read part 1: “Adventures on the Road.” 

Traveling is always an adventure, but our trip back from California got extended as we spent two weeks in a place called Ogden, Utah.

Mom wrote about it in her October newsletter.  You can subscribe to the newsletter here.

It was hard for Mom, but our friend (also a client from Dogs4Diabetics) brought us goodies, Thank you Erryn!

And this sweet couple from our church in Santa Rosa had us over for dinner. I met their fur baby, Whimsey.

Mom said the best thing was when the newlyweds drove all those miles we’d already covered to be with us and help Mom celebrate her birthday.

We decided to have some fun. I’m not sure what all the excitement is about over these brick things, but a couple of boxes came back to the guest house with us.

We also went to this place where Mom made a stuffie. It reminded me of my toybox at home. I missed home.

It seemed like forever but soon we were on our way in an RV, where I got to sit between Mom and Kevin as they drove.

We stopped for the night at this cool place with a lake.

I got to run all by myself in a large dog park. I was so happy because it seemed like I’d been spending a lot of time on the road without a good stretch.

…Although, I was given the couch after a while.

I was so happy when I finally got home to sleep in my own soft kennel and snuggle with Mom in her bed.

But then something else happened and life changed forever.

To be continued . . .

Adventures on the Road

So, if you subscribe to my Mom’s newsletter, you probably heard about the adventure we had traveling last month. (If you missed it, click here to read the October newsletter.)

I’m always up for adventure, and, of course, I see things differently than Christy does. I’m always happy to see signs like this one at a grocery store.

They validate my job, as people see a true service dog in action.

Mom couldn’t resist a photo of me with all the Halloween decorations. Even though they were tall, with bright lights and scary noises, they didn’t bother me at all.

The first pit stop on our journey home was at a historic place called Donner Pass. I think I smelled old bones – just kidding!

We stayed the night in a place called Boom Town. I have never had to wear a check-in tag before, but this hotel/casino just inside the border of Nevada required it.

The next morning, before we took to the road again, the humans had breakfast at a place called Mel’s Diner. Mom told me it was a famous place from a movie and made me pose for another photo.

Dad drove the truck pulling the camper, and according to Mom, it guzzled gas. To me, that means the car needs to stop for its kind of food.

I could smell the salt from the flats as we drove. There were no exits with food and gas for miles and Dad barely made it to a place called Sinclair to fuel up. It was hot, but Mom got me a pup cup for taking my picture with this dinosaur.

To be continued next time on my service dog blog.

Dogs Love Big Trees

One thing I miss about Northern California is the big trees.

We had one in our old backyard. I loved the occasional trip to the Redwood grove, where my paws walked on the soft, sandy ground and trampled the needles, giving off a unique musty scent that only the Redwoods can do.

It was wonderful that GraceAnne and Gabriel got married under a Redwood canopy.

The very next day, we showed our pastor and his family Armstrong Woods because they wanted to walk amongst the big trees.

I think they enjoyed themselves because we don’t have trees like this in Tennessee. You can barely see me next to Colonel Armstrong, the oldest tree in the grove.

We walked along and found a fallen tree’s old roots. It looks like a herd of octopus legs tangled up.

Another downed tree had people’s names carved in it. If you look closely, my name is in this tree.

But neither my mom nor I would desecrate a thousand-year-old tree or anything, for that matter. My mom is more of tree-preserver than a destroyer.

Time for a Wedding

One of the big reasons we traveled to Northern California was for a big event called a wedding. It’s something special between two humans.

Mom was excited because the wedding was for her only daughter, GraceAnne. I got to wear a fancy thing called a tuxedo. I felt so dapper.

With the smell of the Redwood trees all around me, GraceAnne and Gabriel got married. As my sniffer was enjoying the scents, Mom’s sniffer was dripping. Though tears were falling, I knew she was happy.

Afterward, I got to be in some of the pictures. Mom says I’m photogenic. I’m not sure what that means. However, I do know what handsome means.

My nose sniffed so much… GraceAnne even let me smell her bouquet.

A wedding really is a big deal and I had a lot of fun. I even took to the dance floor with Christy. But at the end of the day, I was happy to lie down and rest and soon take off my fancy garb.

I gave my heartfelt slurps as my fur-felt congratulations to the happy couple, Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Smith.

Making Friends With Snoopy

I’m an easy-going kind of dog. I travel well. In fact, I fit under the seat of an airplane like carry-on luggage.

Well, I’m in the middle of another big trip adventure.

After taking a walk through a long airport called Dallas and finding the relief station, we got on another airplane, where I had a long nap.

When we finally landed in Santa Rosa, the smells became familiar. My ears perked up because I knew where we were! Things got even more familiar as I recognized a famous dog, but he couldn’t play and was larger than his pictures make him out to be.

He showed me his house, but I didn’t climb on top to hang out with him.

Apparently, this famous dog’s master lived here for many years and created lots of things called comic strips.

Christy loves Snoopy because he’s a writer, too.

Of course, I had to smile for a photo with a bronze-smelling statue of two of his friends before we moved onward to the next adventure in our travels.

What is a Time Zone?

Here we go again! Yes, I love adventure and that usually means traveling.

So here I am in an airplane flying to California to be with family for a special day called “a wedding.”

The trouble with flying isn’t that it gets us there quickly. The trouble is with something I don’t understand. Time zones. Apparently, we crossed a couple of them while in the sky. Of course, you know I can’t tell time. I have talked about this problem before.

I keep my eye on Christy, hoping she is aware that no matter what time zone we have crossed, I have a schedule to keep.

I knew something had changed as my tummy rumbled and Christy didn’t feed me right away. I watched Grandma Kit peeling carrots – one of my favorite treats – but she didn’t feed me.

When I finally got my dinner, Christy apologized. She was doing her best to keep me on schedule while dealing with time.

Food is not the only issue I have to deal with; this time zone crossing thing is exhausting!

What’s a Gender Reveal?

I’ve seen a lot of things and enjoyed many events, but this one is a doggy first.

We arrived at our church fellowship night when a lady whispered in Mom’s ear.  A few minutes later, Mom hung a wooden sign around my neck. It felt awkward, but I am a go-with-the-flow kind of dog.

We stayed hidden until the “scavenger hunt” for baby gender clues had finished. Everyone seemed perplexed and lost at the misleading clues until I walked over to the new expectant mom as she read the board.

Reading the sign made her so happy. If she had a tail, it would be wagging very fast.

I have said before that dogs can’t read, but whatever the sign said, I’m glad I was the one who got to deliver the good news.

Mom got excited recently about a new panda place where we had to stop for lunch.

I met another big furry creature walking up and down the sidewalk as the restaurant was celebrating a grand opening.

It was a very hot day and I think this furry friend could have used some water. But he was kind enough to let me sniff him. My nose tells me he is not a real panda bear. What do you think?

Meeting New Furry Friends

I’ve been to many places and seen new things in the past month. I met a new furry friend.

His name is Rascal and he is the mascot for the brand-new community center, Morristown Landing.

Christy bops about in the pool as loud music is played during her water aerobics class while I sit on my waterproof mat and keep my eye on her. The people are getting used to seeing me and know better not to disturb me, since I’m always on duty.

I have discovered a place that has the most wonderful dog treats. On our way to surprise one of Christy’s writing friends, we stopped at this place called Buc-ee’s.

It’s a huge store for travelers and is surrounded by grassy areas reserved for dogs to do their business. I was able to pick out my own packaged donut treats and they were delicious. I think Buc-cee’s is my new favorite spot to stop on road trips and there is a new one a short trip away.

You can see why I like it here:

Who wouldn’t like a furry friendly little creature with treats of all kinds to share?

My Travels, New Friends and Places

Have you ever heard the song, “I’ve Been Everywhere,” by Johnny Cash?

It came to Mom’s mind while she was helping me write this blog post. It’s almost officially summer and time for travels.

Here’s a few of mine in the past month or two, and some friends I’ve met.

I visited my cat friend, Todd, in Greeneville and I met a sweet lamb whom I gave a quick “hello” slurp.

The Gulf of Mexico had some really soft, white sand.

While I was there, I kissed a shark!

This pier was full of activity and while I sat there, some friendly dolphins surfaced behind me. Unfortunately, they were shy and disappeared quickly.

The same thing happened with a crane, but he flew off to better posts and I had to sit by this one instead.

We attended a Jesus Festival in Elizabethtown in Eastern Tennessee, where they have a historic covered bridge.

After all that, I’m glad to be home and enjoying my own chew bone on my favorite place to sleep, Mom’s bed!

PHEW! I better get some rest because the summer of travel is only beginning!

Where a Dog Does His Business

Traveling is always an adventure for me, especially flying. I don’t require a seat but curl up under the seat in front of Christy like a carry-on item.

I don’t mind because I’ve been trained to do it this way. Sometimes a whole row of seats is available, and we both get to stretch out.

Airports are getting better at having relief stations for service dogs. My favorite is at the Orange County John Wayne International airport.

It takes you outside, but you are still within a secure area. When we exit the plane, I know where we are and hurry Christy along to what I think is the perfect place for humans to take their companions.

I can run and play and take care of personal business.

There was a cool relief room in Houston:

However, Christy was disappointed because Nashville Airport had one area, but we would have to go through TSA again. (Christy told you how she feels about that in this month’s newsletter.)

She was happy I didn’t get a big breakfast that morning so we could make it to our next stop. It takes some planning and I feel hungrier than normal.

Speaking of hunger, can I just mention how jet lag affects my schedule?