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Look Out; Puppy Fever is Contagious!

Isn’t it enough that I must live with a young pup who is constantly nipping at my ears and lips? On top of that, it seems everyone I know has caught a thing called Puppy Fever!

We had some visitors at Thanksgiving. They fell in love with my little brother and while they were here, went to the Humane Society and adopted this sweet girl.

It all started at our church when one night our friend brought her mini dachshund. Everyone had to hold it and love on her. I admit, she was cute.

Then, word came around about some German/Dutch shepherd-mix pups. We went on a trek to find them. One family at our church adopted one and the next thing I know; Mom’s son adopted one, too!

Less than two weeks later this gorgeous young dog adopted him.

The pastor at our church recently got one of those mini-doodle things. There are so many doodle variations, I can’t keep track.

I love being a mature dog with great behavior, but with all the puppies visiting our house and chasing me, I’m glad I only have to deal with one because Mom loves them all. But after having six dogs on Thanksgiving Day, I think her fever has broken.

Tears of Joy for Lola the Rescue Dog

In last week’s blog post I introduced Lola, an approximately 1-year-old border collie/Australian shepherd mix dog I found.

Lola had a sad story, but for now she was happy to be in a warm home, out of the rain and off the street, away from the cars racing dangerously past her.

Unfortunately, my 15 year-old rescue dogs (pictured below) were extremely stressed by her attempts to play and herd them – an instinct found in the kind of dog Lola is.

Aiden, my diabetic alert service dog, just ignored her as a nuisance. Here he is, doing his best to  pretend she doesn’t exist:

When it comes to animals, I love them all, especially dogs. My dream home would be to have hundreds of acres where I could adopt and care for as many dogs as possible and, of course, adopt them to the right homes. There is such a place:

Though my home is big, we don’t have a large yard and it was unfair to keep Lola inside. She learned some skills but needed a better fit for her fur-ever home. We had Lola spayed and vaccinated to make her more adoptable. I asked for prayers and put my request in to God.

While talking about Lola at the chiropractor, a woman with a dog rescue connection overheard me and gave me a contact name. The rescue that took her in vets its prospective adopters rigidly. It all happened within 24 hours – than can only be God answering our prayers! The rescue told us she would be on their website with a different name (Amora) but would most likely be adopted this weekend.

As I hugged Lola and said goodbye, the tears would not stop. She had captured my heart. I’m glad I had her for the time I did. I needed her as much as she needed me.

My New Year’s resolution is fulfilled. Lola will be fit with the perfect home for the rest of her life.

Click here to visit the Sevier County Humane Society, where  Lola (aka, Amora) is currently awaiting adoption.