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Aiden’s Classroom Adventures

Ever since we got home from Minnesota in mid-September, Mom has been extremely busy substitute teaching in all kinds of capacities. You see, just because she is an author doesn’t mean she makes loads of money. She has to work to pay for the things she needs until one day she is successful enough to make a living as an author.

Here are some of the adventures I’ve had going with her:

Mom stepped out of her comfort zone and taught high school P.E. Ping pong is such a weird sport.

We returned to Santa Rosa Charter School for the Arts, the Junior High where GraceAnne and Jacob (Mom’s two youngest kids) went to school. She taught History and fifth grade.

The school has the coolest mascot: a narwhal!

At Maria Carillo High School we got to teach drama.

Mom loved every minute of this four-day adventure because she met some former students from Kenwood that are now cheerleaders.

We also got to attend our first Homecoming rally.

At Montgomery High School we helped out in dance. Mom knows her boundaries and just watched the fun. I enjoyed tap dancing to “Singing in the Rain” and we met a future jazz-loving superstar named Tucker.

Mom also taught Elementary music but all the teacher left her to do was coloring papers. That didn’t sit well with Mom so she pulled out some tambourines and we sang “BINGO was his name O” with the younger children and she taught the older kids how to make it rain indoors – a very loud and fun technique.

The last spot for the month of October was Junior High art – another one of Mom’s favorite things.

Although sometimes being a substitute teacher is hard, she always sees each job as an adventure, and I get to go along!