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My First Book Launch Party

Christy Hoss signing books

It finally happened! The party I had planned for my first book last year, The Rubber Band, took place for my second book, The Rubber Band Stretches: Rocky’s Story.

As COVID restrictions began to lift, thirty-plus people were able to enjoy fun, games, and prizes and tons of pizza at Joey’s Pizza (the very one mentioned in the books!). I ordered too much food, so many people went home with a large pizza, but that’s okay because Joey’s is the best pizza in my opinion.

Christy Hoss signing books

If you weren’t there, you missed out on the rubber band shooting game, searching for seven Lego Elvis hidden in plain sight, an ice-breaking Bingo game, photo opportunities to be Eddie on the first book’s cover, and posing with Rocky as Elvis, all earning tickets to put in the bag of your favorite raffle prize.

After all the activity and thanking everyone for their support, I sat down to sign books.

My “vision” photo

Years ago, when I dreamed of being an author, a friend of mine set up vision photos and I took mine, pretending to sign books. That photo came to life, my dream came true, and for the first time, I felt like a real author.

The day’s activities blurred together; I can hardly remember it. But one thing I sticks out that I’ll never forget: the people I love who helped me fulfill my second-grade dream of being a writer honored me by celebrating my victory. For that reason, I am truly grateful.

National Read-a-Book Day from a Dog’s Point of View

Did you know that September sixth was ‘National Read a Book Day?’ It seems on the United States calendar there is a day to celebrate everything under the sun.

My tail wags at some of the day themes. Days like ‘National Donut Day’ or ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day.’ You name it, there’s a day for it. Some days memorialize famous people, some not so famous people. Christy honors National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day to remember a little girl who died from cancer.

‘National Read a Book Day’ should make elementary teachers happy as it gets children excited to explore reading. I’ve heard that some human schools even have ‘read-ins’ where the entire school at a certain time, stops what they are doing, sit down and read for at least 30 minutes.

I may not be able to read human books, but I have enjoyed being read to by first graders learning to read in the classrooms I’ve visited.

For National Read-a-Book Day, if I could read, I’d choose The Rubber Band. It mentions diabetes and my job involves diabetes by sniffing out low blood sugars for my diabetic Mom. Did I tell you my mom wrote it?

Alas, reading is something I can only dream of doing, unlike my Mom. She achieved her second grade dream of being an author. I’m pretending to read it, but Mom decides I need some help.

This is her first book in a series and as I listen to her read it to me, my tail wags. She pets my head and tells me a certain diabetic alert service dog will soon be appearing in the book series.

I wonder if being a character in her book series will make me famous? I hope so because that means I’ll get to meet people and give more happy slurps and chomps. With that thought, my tail wags at super speed.