‘The Rubber Band Slingshot Summer’ – It’s Here!

Rubber Band roadies, Kevin and Christy Hoss.

As I write this, Kevin and I are attending our first writer’s conference together, the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writer’s Conference.

While here, The Rubber Band Slingshot Summer (book three in the Rubber Band series) was officially birthed.

Childbirth is hard, but so is publishing a book. The fun part is writing; the hard part is refining, editing, communicating, cover art, and many other things that a reader may not realize happens before they hold the hard copy in their hands and turn the first page.

Most authors must do all the marketing themselves. I recently enjoyed marketing by sharing a booth with a family friend at a local fair.

I loved talking to interested readers and making connections which I hope will turn into speaking engagements.

The Rocky-as-Elvis prop drew interest, and I had a few posers.

One had to show off her Elvis tattoo.

Yes, It’s hard work to be a writer, but I love my dream career. No matter what pains I must go through, I am going to keep bringing my writing babies into the world.

5 responses to “‘The Rubber Band Slingshot Summer’ – It’s Here!”

  1. Congratulations! I loved the story!

  2. Christy Hoss says:

    Thank you for inspiring me to continue writing the series (which I have plans to get them through high school, college, adulthood…marriage :0) Just stay tuned. I’ll be busy until Jesus takes me home. I love your story too – https://www.christyhoss.com/book-review-the-ladys-mine-by-francine-rivers/

  3. B.J. Taylor says:

    Keeping birthing those writing babies! You’re good at it! <3

    • Christy Hoss says:

      Thank you B.J. you have inspired me to keep up the work God has called me to do. May you be blessed today!

  4. Aunt Darlene says:

    I have your newest on my Kindle and I will read it when I finish my current book. I always have a book to read. Thank you for your recent update. Enjoy your new location and journey. How wonderful is it to be able to have Kevin with you at
    these conferences. I love you and wish you could some with Cindy in a couple
    weeks. I’m sure there will be pictures,

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