Viva Dog Vegas

I’m just a hunka, hunka, slurping dog!

Christy Hoss and Aiden, her service dog

Yes, that’s me, dressed as Elvis. Before Mom wrote The Rubber Band Stretches: Rocky’s Story (Rocky impersonates Elvis in this book), she dressed me as Elvis for Dogs for Diabetics annual fundraiser, which had a Las Vegas theme. Her costume was the iconic Las Vegas welcome sign. Everyone wanted picture with the sign, so she shared it as a prop.

Guess what? We won first prize in the costume contest.

The sign was made with lots of glitter. If you know anything about glitter, it gets everywhere and there was no doubt where we had been that day.

Every once in a while, Christy will dress me up in something. I’ve been a pumpkin for Halloween. Together, we once were Batman and Robin (I was Batman). It’s not my favorite thing, wearing a crazy costume.

Aiden the service dog, dressed as Elvis

My favorite thing to wear is my service dog vest. At home, it may seem like I’m off duty because I’m not in my vest. I am always on duty, sniffing out blood sugars, alerting Mom when she’s low, saving her life.

Nothing can stop me from doing my job. I even do it while impersonating Elvis, so Viva Dog Vegas!

P.S. If you want to learn more about service dogs, click this link to the National Institute of Canine Service and Training.

2 responses to “Viva Dog Vegas”

  1. Lynette Winters says:

    Aiden “Elvis” looks smashing in his costume! Not at all surprised you two won first prize!

  2. Claudia Millerick says:

    You did a great job on the Vegas sign Christy!!
    How did you get Aidens hair to “curl” on top? Love the sunglasses and scarf!!!
    Congratulations on the new books…Go Christy…feel better!!!

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