What’s a Tardis?

Christy's Tardis Little Free Library

If you happen to love science fiction, I’m sure you have heard of the British series, Dr. Who. It’s been around for more than fifty years.

A few years ago, my children introduced me to the Doc, and I LOVED IT! We binge watched before binge watching was a trend. I absolutely fell in love with the character, especially #10, David Tennant.

In my opinion, he had the character down to a science – pun intended.

Christy's Tardis Little Free LibraryDr. Who inspired my husband to build something I have always wanted in my front yard. A little lending library.

Well, our library isn’t so little. It’s a life-size TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space). The Tardis is how Dr. Who travels through time, and it resembles an old police call box.

When we first built our Tardis, someone reported it to our police department and they had to come check it out. There’s nothing illegal about it. It’s filled from top to bottom with books to take.

Christy's Tardis Little Free Library

The lower shelves hold baby books to first readers and middle-grade novels.

The upper shelves are filled with books for more avid readers.

My theory in choosing the Tardis is, “Books are bigger on the inside.” (If you haven’t seen the show, you won’t know what that means, but it is highly relevant to the series plotline that has spanned more than five decades.)

The word is getting around and somedays we get “Whoovians” taking pictures with the famous box.

No matter WHO it inspires, its one and only purpose is to inspire people of all ages to read.

Christy's Tardis Little Free Library

6 responses to “What’s a Tardis?”

  1. Lynette says:

    I love your Tardis! I hope that it will provide many hours of wonderful reading for all ages!

  2. Love this idea, Christy! What a whooo-t. 🙂

  3. Andrea Conner says:

    Love this!!

  4. Hill Chapman says:

    What an amazingly fun way to inspire imagination! Who wouldn’t love a book out of the Tardis?!

  5. Claudia Millerick says:

    Love it! So clever

  6. This is very smiley! What a wonderful idea, and a very happy thing that your husband went along with your idea and helped make it come to fruition!

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