A Dog’s Nose Knows

I was really busy last night doing my job.

Two times, just a couple hours apart, Christy had a low blood sugar, and I was awakened, making sure she was going to be okay. She told me it was pretty bad because she saw stars spinning around as she stumbled to get some sugar. I was ready to get help and wake up Kevin if she gave me the command.

Even though I enjoy being a regular dog, I’m always – how would you humans say it? – “on-call,” so I’m never off duty.

My super-sniffing nose is working 24/7 to smell low and high blood sugars and alert Christy before it becomes an emergency.

For non-diabetics, normal blood sugar is 80-120 mgdl (milligrams per deciliter). When Christy tested last night, her number came up in the low 30s. No wonder she saw stars.

During the day I alert Christy by holding in my mouth the cloth bar (or bringsel) that hangs from my collar

But at night, I often have to get up and move around, I make a mooing sound or sometimes I will even jump on the bed to get her attention.

No matter how I carry out my job, my nose knows what it’s doing.

3 responses to “A Dog’s Nose Knows”

  1. Michelle Ule says:

    Bravo, Aiden!
    And thank you.

  2. Lynette says:

    What a superhero you have looking out for you! Give Aiden an extra one of his favorite treats from me..

  3. Cindy Thomas says:

    Thanking God for Aiden every day… He jumped on me that time in Minneapolis when we were at the hotel, He is a keeper and a true gift from God.

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