The Cheer of Free Art

At an RV park in Kearney, Nebraska, I was drawn to a little lending library. Instead of a book, I discovered something else that brought me joy. Read on to learn about the creative gift I received.

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Surprise! It’s a Boy!

Mom has been thinking of the future when I might need a friend at home, and she had been looking into getting a puppy for me. I’m not sure what to think of this short, sort of mini-me who shadows me everywhere.

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A Dog on the Road

Traveling is always an adventure for a service dog. And this trip from California to Tennessee got extended by two weeks!

Today is part 2 in my 3-part series. As always, it includes lots of pictures of my recent travels with Christy and Kevin.

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Adventures on the Road

I’m always up for adventure! Today is part 1 of a series that includes lots of pictures of my recent travels with Christy. Let me know which is your favorite.

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Dogs Love Big Trees

One thing I miss about Northern California is the big trees. And I mean REALLY BIG TREES! They’re called Redwoods. Today on my blog, I’ll show you pictures of our trip to a Redwood grove.

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Time for a Wedding

One reason we traveled to Northern California was for the wedding of Mom’s only daughter, GraceAnne. I got to wear a fancy thing called a tuxedo. I felt so dapper. Check out photos of the wedding!

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Visiting Snoopy’s House

My favorite dog, Snoopy, has a special place called a museum. Service dogs are allowed to visit the museum, and they gave me a treat for being a good boy.

Today on my blog, I’ll show you lots of pictures of me meeting Snoopy and his friends at the museum.

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Making Friends With Snoopy

We’re off on adventures again! When our plane landed in California, I recognized a famous dog, but he couldn’t play and was larger than his pictures make him out to be. Check out today’s blog post for pictures.

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Book Review: ‘When Stone Wings Fly,’ by Karen Barnett

As a former park ranger, author Karen Barnett has found her writing niche. Using national parks as her novel settings comes naturally.

Read my full review of Karen’s latest historical romance, “When Stone Wings Fly: A Smoky Mountains Novel.”

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What is a Time Zone?

The trouble with flying in an airplane from Tennessee to California is with something I don’t understand: time zones.

Click to see pictures of me (Aiden, the service dog) under the seat in an airplane. Yes, I do fit!

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