Fowl Doctor

Late one Saturday night my husband showed me we had two ducks sleeping on our front lawn. We live in downtown Morristown and are nowhere near a body of water, so I was amazed to watch them.

I guess we disturbed them, as they got up and waddled across the street, then for some reason decided to waddle back. I watched in horror as…

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I’m Really Not a Service Dog

Service dog? Not me! I’m a privileged pet.

I lay around on everything and sleep most of the day. I get two wonderful meals a day and have a fenced backyard all to myself to play in.

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Diaversary and a New Attitude

Last month I passed a milestone. It was the thirty-fourth anniversary of my diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. Those of us living with diabetes call it our “diaversary.”

Today on my blog, I’ll tell you about the roller coaster I lived on for many years, and the program that gave me a new lease on life.

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Just Trying to Do My Job

I love treats so much; sometimes I try to get them by pretending to alert. But Christy knows I am a foody and she tells me, “Let’s check” for an immediate blood sugar result.

Click to see pictures of me (Aiden) alerting Christy to a low blood sugar. See if you can tell the difference between a pretend alert and a real one!

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On Being a Writer

Is being an author a hobby or a profession? I always dreamed of this time in life, when my husband could retire, kick back, and support my writing endeavors and I could write us off into the sunset on my success.

Well, as the saying goes, “the best laid plans” is true as I’ve found life does not always go the way we want it to. Read on for my insights into what it’s really like to be a writer.

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For the Love of Charlie Brown

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the Peanuts comic strip? Is it Snoopy or perhaps the Peanuts’ Christmas Special? For me, it will forever be Charlie Brown. Read on to learn why.

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Puppy Love

It’s a good thing I’m a laid-back, tolerant kind of guy because this black furball can get on my nerves. No matter what I do, he’s in my face, literally chewing on my ears or my lips.

Today on my blog, I’m sharing pictures of me and my young friend. Can you guess who’s who?

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Snow Doggy Blog

So far the new year has been SNOW much fun! It started early in the morning with little flakes coming down. By noon, the flakes were at least the size of my doggy kibble and the grass was disappearing. It kept coming down for more than a day.

Today on my service dog blog, I’ll share lots of pictures of me (Aiden) in the snow!

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A Lesson in Obedience

My sister gave me a hilarious Christmas present this year. It sits on my desk and reminds me of a traumatic childhood experience I could have avoided.

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A Dog’s Nose Knows

I was really busy last night doing my job. Two times, just a couple hours apart, Christy had a low blood sugar, and I was awakened, making sure she was going to be okay.

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