Christy and Aiden in front of Thief River Falls sign

Summer Reunions

As school resumes preschool through college, I am anticipating getting into substitute teaching.

I’m also looking back on our road trip to Thief River Falls, Minnesota, for an all- school reunion. I have never been back for any of my class reunions and next year marks 40 years since I graduated. UGH!

Read on for more about my class reunion…

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Christy holding "Forgive the Trespassers"

The Author Reads – Book Review of ‘Forgive the Trespassers,’ by Vickie Phelps

If you like romance filled with suspense, then “Forgive the Trespassers,” by Vickie Phelps, is for you.

Read on for my full review and info about the book and author.

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Christy waving with Aiden on rock in river

Water-Logged Dog

Those of you who know me (Aiden, the service dog) know how much I hate water.

When I first came to live with Christy, she had to smear peanut butter on the shower wall in order for me to get in the tub. Recently, we went on a long road trip where I encountered some water.

Today on my blog you’ll see me being brave – crossing the Mississippi River!

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The Author Reads – Book Review of ‘Lakeside Retreat: Life-Giving Inspiration From a Restful Shore,’ by Marci Seither

I am so excited – no; I’m jumping-up-and-down thrilled – because for the first time ever reviewing a book, I can actually go to the place it talks about. Lake Nebagamon is a real place, not a fictional location made up by the author of the book I’m enjoying.

Read on for my review of Lakeside Retreat: Life-Giving Inspiration From a Restful Shore.

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Trek for a Tennessee Troll

I woke up one morning and Mom said, “We’re going on a mission to find a Tennessee Troll.”

So we did! Today on my (Aiden-the-service dog) blog, I’ll show you pictures of trolls galore that we discovered in Cosby, Tennessee.

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Have You Seen This Cow?

Instead of writing about my own doggy adventures, I must tell you my friend Nash’s amazing story. Nash was a rescue baby bull that my friend Paige and her family raised in their rural backyard (until he became too large for their space).

Read on to learn about a horrible mistake that had a miraculous ending.

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Living with Diabetes and Moving

We’ve been in Tennessee about five months now. With all our combined health issues, I knew that the transition from one type of healthcare to the next would not be easy. We stored up our prescriptions and supplies just in case things took longer.

In this post, I’ll share some of the differences we’re discovering about the health care options in California and Tennessee.

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Blog Invasion of the Little Person Kind

WOOF! What is this thing?

Recently, a friend Kevin worked with in California come to stay at our house. They wanted to check out Tennessee to possibly move here. He brought a little Person with. Every time she put her arms out, Mom picked her up.

In this post, I’ll share some pictures of this mysterious little person.

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Illustration from My Question for Jesus

Celebrate With Me! ‘My Question for Jesus’

If you could ask Jesus only one question, what would it be?

As an adult I can’t think of just one question I would ask. However, the little girl in my latest book knows exactly what she wants to ask Jesus.

In today’s post, I’ll share the story of how my new children’s picture book, My Question for Jesus, came about.

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Steve Laube and Christy Hoss

Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference

My stomach was in knots as we drove onto the conference grounds. I remember that feeling from the very first conference I attended back in 2008. I wanted to turn the car around and go home, despite the beauty of the mountains surrounding us.

Why did I feel this way? I’ve been attending conferences for more than 15 years.

Read on to learn about some of the divine appointments I experienced at the writers conference.

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