Fowl Doctor

Late one Saturday night my husband showed me we had two ducks sleeping on our front lawn. We live in downtown Morristown and are nowhere near a body of water, so I was amazed to watch them.

I guess we disturbed them, as they got up and waddled across the street, then for some reason decided to waddle back. I watched in horror as a car came over the hill and struck them both. I grabbed a box and some towels and went to the rescue.

One was instantly killed and the other lay struggling in the middle of the street. I quickly removed them to our screened back porch for triage. There wasn’t much I could do at first, so I wrapped the deceased duck for removal and put the live duck in a covered box.

I was relieved to find it alive on Sunday morning. She had an injured wing, a bloody eye, and what looked like a broken foot.

Kevin built a screen to put between the duck and the straw and I got some feed and electrolytes for ducks to put in her water to help with hydration.

I also googled “how to wrap a duck’s broken wing and leg” and “how to clean a duck’s eye.”

Am I crazy?

I thought so, but my heart ached for God’s creation, and I couldn’t just let nature take its course. I checked for rescue agencies, but they are few and far away.

So for now, I am a fowl doctor to “Mallory,” a name my son gave to the duck.

No. I’m not keeping her. She is improving a lot and I plan to release her in a week or two. I have found a farm to take her, and hope she’ll be content there or move on when she’s ready.

4 responses to “Fowl Doctor”

  1. Lynette says:

    I was so touched by your act of kindness in saving and caring for Mallory. Praying she’ll be fully healed from her injuries by the time she moves to the farm. Wonderful job, Dr. Christy!

  2. Cindy Thomas says:

    God sees how you cared for one of His own creatures. One day Mallory will tell her other duck friends how you saved her life.

  3. So glad you were able to save one of the ducks, Christy. She looks on the mend.

  4. Maria Matson says:

    There’s a story there- from Miracle Malloy’s ducklings. Good job, Doc C.

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