Christmas from a Dog’s Point of View

Do you ever wonder if a dog knows what Christmas is?

I can see the changes around the house, so I know something is happening. The furniture gets moved and something resembling a tree suddenly grows in the corner of the living room. It doesn’t smell like a tree, and it gets glittery balls and small dangling things hung on its branches. Twinkling lights go all around it and Christy leaves them on all night long.

New smells fill the house. Christy is in the kitchen mixing more smells into a giant bowl and rolling stuff out on the tabletop. Then she puts the things she makes on a flat metal tray in the silver hot thing in the center of the room. Before I know it, she’s pulling it out again and I keep my distance as I smell what I recognize to be food of some sort.

“Aiden. These cookies are for people.”

Did she just say the “C” word?

I’m used to wearing my vest, but sometimes Christy puts weird outfits on me and talks to me in a high-pitched squeaky voice, telling me how cute I look. I pose for her to take pictures for her Christmas cards but can’t wait to get back to wearing nothing but my own doggie fur.

I hear people saying “Merry Christmas” and the music at church has more jingles to it.

One morning I wake up and everyone is still in their pajamas as I watch the people tear at paper and find things inside boxes and bags. I get a couple of new squeaky toys and a special treat.

I use all my senses to enjoy what humans call Christmas. I also know deep inside my doggie heart, it’s about the Savior of the world, my Creator, who on His birthday, hung out with animals lying in a pile of hay.

2 responses to “Christmas from a Dog’s Point of View”

  1. Jerrye Bell says:

    What a cute and fun post! I love this so much 🙂

  2. Ann Lorraine says:

    Aw Shucks you made me laugh!!

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