Surprise! It’s a Boy!

This is part 3 in a 3-part series.
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After many days away, I’m finally home to familiar places. My soft kennel and the plush bed inside, my box filled with all my toys.

But after only one night back, the next thing I know, Mom gets her anniversary/birthday present.

I’m not sure what to think of this short, sort of mini-me. All it wants to do is chew on me and steal my toys. I can no longer enjoy ice cubes alone without him bugging me.

This all started the day after we arrived in California. Mom got a notice from our friend, Rita, about some Lab puppies. Mom has been thinking of the future when I might need a friend at home, and she had been looking into getting a puppy for me.

Somehow, I think a puppy was mostly for her sake. But what I know for sure is I’m a very smart service dog and this guy can learn a lot from me, including doing his business in the right spot.

He has accidents, but Mom says he’s still a baby and has a lot to learn.

My new little brother is named after one of Mom’s main characters in The Rubber Band series, Rockefeller, or Rocky for short. It’s very appropriate as he likes to pick up rocks outside and try to eat them.

I still do my job, and nothing has changed for me, except I have a little shadow.

Mom is teaching him the elevating bowl as he waits to get the okay to eat. He’s learned to sit and is highly motivated by food. We at least have food motivation in common.

Okay. I admit. It’s kind of nice to have another four-legged friend around here to play tug with. But having a sibling is annoying and I wish I could go back to when I got all the attention.

But when Mom compared puppy photos of us, she said we look like brothers.

Aiden as a puppy


She said it’s meant to be and since he isn’t going away, ever – I will agree with Mom and love my little brother with a few nips and slurps.

5 responses to “Surprise! It’s a Boy!”

  1. I love the photographs. Such cuties. Of course, you know I love Aidan. I think Rocky will perk him up quite a bit. Like Ranger did. lol Aidan knows how to establish boundaries. “Okay! Cool it, Kid!” 🙂

  2. I love Rockefeller in your book and hearing how Rocky got his name. I hope that Aiden can teach him to learn how to spot symptoms as well. I believe that it can be done.
    Blessings my friend! And Love ✍️🧡✍️

  3. Jill says:

    How adorable! I pray he is as good as his older brother!

  4. Maria Matson says:

    Rocky is adorable and so fortunate to be in your care Aiden is so patient and caring, too. Great post!

  5. Lynette says:

    What an adorable new addition to your family! Just give Aiden some time and he will be a loving older brother to Rocky. I’ve been through it with every new kitten I’ve adopted. It’s always an adjustment period for the older one but I have a feeling that some day they will be best friends.

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