Ranger Bear Gets a Ride

As a service dog, I am always at Christy’s side, so I go everywhere with her. She took me to a place called Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, to the place where they make and sell Moon Pies.

There were all sorts of good things to smell and my nose was on overload.

But Christy had a purpose and I soon found out what it was.

To surprise Karen Barnett, her author friend. Karen was a national park ranger and now writes novels that are set in national parks. I couldn’t resist giving her a slurp or two or three.

I got to meet Ranger Bear.

He’s Karen’s mascot and chief representative of her Vintage National Parks novels. Mom follows his adventures whenever Karen writes about them. I got to give him a ride in my pocket.

Ranger Bear even has his own Instagram account @rangerbear_adventures. How cool is that?!

I’ve been to a few national parks myself.

The Grand Canyon:

Crater Lake:

But this one is Christy’s favorite, as it is where she and Kevin spent their honeymoon, whatever that is.


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  1. Sweet, sweet, sweet! It looks like such a great adventure:) I’m happy for you.

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